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'How to" instructions for posting pictures on the forum

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'How to" instructions for posting pictures on the forum Empty 'How to" instructions for posting pictures on the forum

Post  deborah on Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:00 pm

Hi everyone,

We have had a lot of new members join lately and many are having trouble posting pictures to the forum so thought it might be helpful to post these instructions:

Go to the icon bar and select "Host an Image". It is the first in the 5th grey bar.

Select “Browse” to access your image. When it is loaded, hit the "Host It" tab at the bottom of the box. Another box will pop up.

Select the 2nd choice that you are given, and hit the upload button for "Image". A box will pop up asking to allow access - allow access. If it seems to just "time out", your picture file is too large.

Hit the "Copy" beside the “Image” choice - it will highlight blue.
Then you can copy over to your message using the "V" control on your computer.

To post a second picture, hit the “Upload” button at the bottom of the box (it will still be showing your last selection). It will clear and you can repeat process.


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