Uranium testing re pieces on site

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Uranium testing re pieces on site

Post  deborah on Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:51 pm

Hi everyone,

As per all the posts on the uranium pieces the site featured - please note that I started testing today. I pulled 3 pieces completely from this category. They are the clear Riekes vase, the small modern looking green scalloped dish and the small clover shaped blue ashtray - no glow when tested this time. Re the other pieces - many are still in Cornwall so couldn't test them and the others that were here glowed very brightly but I want to make sure that the glow is uranium as all the pieces are different colours and different weights - the geiger counter test will be so great! It was purchased last week on e-bay from the US so barring any customs problems - should have it within the next 2 weeks. Then I will retest the glowing pieces with the "expert" before I commit to saying "Yes" or "No". Plus the pictures we took today were dreadful! Not worth posting anywhere!

So - 3 a resounding and definite "No!" and I apologize for the photo shoot tests - don't really understand that at all. I will also take the geiger counter to Cornwall - if any "No's" there - will pull the piece from that category immediately but if they test positive the pics will have to wait till get them back here from the exhibit.



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