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Post  vanvol Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:45 pm

Re my new orange piece and large crystal bowl with some blue collouring.

My orange piece you call "spike and curl" has a smooth and polished finish to it. There are four V shape tapered edges on it that are smooth except at the very bottom of the V. I have three Loraine pieces that have tapered edges and they are difinitely not smooth to touch. The orange collouring really shines in the bright light. I think I will put my money on it to have been made by Chalet.
When I set my large crystal bowl with some blue collouring in it next to the large amber bowl that has CH on one of the pedal feet. It has the same shape and size of the amber bowl. It has the same number of clear crystal pedal feet applied to it and the top of the bowl has the same 1 inch wide clear crystal rim applied to it. I found this bowl early in September of this year. My large cranberry bowl had a much higher appraisal value than the the large amber bowl. Early part of last summer on Ebay there was a Chalet cranberry bowl like my amber bowl that had the CH on one of the pedal feet and also had the red Chalet tag with it. It was priced at that time for $500.00 US dollars. The bowl is in British Columbia. I see that price of that bowl has dropped to $325.00 US.
I really feel that would be the true appraisal value of that bowl.



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Post  Deb Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:16 am

hey Richard,

I think you are right on the orange 'spike and curl" - looks to me from the pics to be Chalet too. Nice pedestal and great colour.I love that style - have a huge one in deep root beer amber (marked Chalet), an ornage bullicante one that is much smaller (is unmarked but feel very strongly is Chalet), a huge red one (Eaton and Chalet marking), a gold (marked Chalet) and a "mini" olive that is also marked. So well covered re my coloursLOL My Mom has a huge one in aqua that just drips casing - need 2 hands to pick it up. They sure are a piece that takes quite a bit of room to display nicely.

I will definitely be on the look out again for a piece like your blue - like I said I was almost a 100% sure but I just didn't take the chance. Now I wish I had - gorgeous shape and the blue was very well set off by both the design and ribbing.

Were you able to see the basket in the pics I sent? Will try to get you a better when the exhibit is over. Am definitely always on the lookout for that style - told my daughter that you were intrigued by that vase and she said"Mine"- I really was suprised when she fell so hard for it as not what I would have thought a person her age would have gone for.




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