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might need help Deborah Empty might need help Deborah

Post  Thumper on Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:44 am

Hi Deborah,
I may need your input on setting up my display of Chalet glass. I finally dug it all out of boxes and washed 25 pieces so far tonite. Do you think I should kinda group color or style or just mix the different heights. I've got them mostly but not all on the one 8 foot table in my livingroom but will have the shelving up Saturday or Sunday. A fellow collector here in Winnipeg told me about this ribbon lighting so I've checked it out and may go for it as the shelves are a dark color. I may also go with mirrors on the shelves to reflect more light also, but not sure. I know I'll probably keep the animals together.
Have you heard if the Continental glass company signed their stuff? I seen a paperweight in the video that I think I have one but always thought it was Altaglass. I guess its a lot like Chalet and Lorraine, a lot of the same kind of shapes and colors.
Have a good day


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might need help Deborah Empty Re: might need help Deborah

Post  deborah on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:03 am

Hi Bob,

Sorry did not get back to you sooner - I missed your post. Glad to hear you have been so busy!

I do not know if Continental signed. It did not show in the video but I tend towards thinking that they used stickers/hang tags since we have never seen an etched Contintental marking. Circumstantial evidence I know but still - in keeping with Mosaic, EDAG and Lorraine markings. Other than Chalet - Rossi is the only "signature" I have seen. And of course he used hang tags, stickers too.

Use as much light as you can. I find the mirrors very helpful too. Especially with my smaller pieces. I would definitely keep your animals together but throw a vase in the middle to break up - do you have a fingertip. that you could use? The rounded tips work well with the animals. I just did my Mom's display of animals and we just used 1 different piece (kept the colour of the vase consistent with her animals - used a blue with her blue/green 2 tones and an amber with her blue/amber 2 tones) and it looked great. I also highly recommend using risers. Gives so much more space. Breaks the line and adds interest. Do not get the frosted acrylic though - just the clear or the mirrored. I tried a white leather look ones too - for about 1 second. Not a good look!


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