from Cornwall to St. Augustine, Florida and now back home to Ontario

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from Cornwall to St. Augustine, Florida and now back home to Ontario

Post  deborah on Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:59 pm

Hi everyone,

Have fled the cold for a few days, visiting relatives, and hit St. Augustine in Northeast Florida - oldest city in North America. Anyways, spent the day antiquing and came upon several pieces of Chalet "End of Day" and "Heritage Glass", a Lorraine animal figurine, a piece of Rossi cranberry and unbelievably a stickered piece of Mosiac
Artistic Glass from Cornwall. It must have travelled down here with an owner as they had neither the distribution or the numbers to hit the American market in the short time they were in business. Anyways, quite the find!

Mosaic employed glass artists from Lorraine while they were operating- Maestro Gatto, most significantly. This piece is very "Italian" looking - 3 tone (green, blue and amethyst) sommerso animal figurine with applied crest, beak and eye details. Not at all like some of their more "Chalet" looking figurines and pieces.

Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sticker - I had thought it was Murano from a distance. This is only the 5th stickered Mosaic piece I have ever seen - 1 of them being at the Cornwall Museum. I own a "mini" vase and my contractor a bear figurine - both shown in the revised "Chalet Marks, Labels and Product Lines" book. Needless to say, it is coming home to Ontario with us. Repatriating!

Anyone else have any Mosaic Artistic Glass pieces?


P.S. Just saw these posted - sorry about the sideways images but cannot seem to get them turned properly even though they are correctly positionned on my desktop.

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