recently obtainned Riekes Crisa catalogue

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recently obtainned Riekes Crisa catalogue

Post  deborah on Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:23 pm

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Riekes Crisa catalogue and wanted to share some info from it. I have posted these pictures of these unusual pieces from my personal collection before but now have a little more info to give you. Both retain their Riekes Chalet label but the treel has the "Opal with Gold Flecking" label (so weird) and the ornament (in the second picture below) has the typical "Riekes Chalet Lead Crystal" label. Ignore the paperweight. I can't find a picture of the tree alone.

The tree is shown in the catalogue BUT in crystal and is listed as a "Spruce Jewelry" tree:

The ornament is shown in the catalogueBut without the ribbon of colour, just crystal, and is listed as a "Flame":

Note the darkly coloured elephant in this grouping. I had only seen it as an N. C. Cameron distributed piece before but it is shown in the catalogue :

Also very interesting was a grouping of Chalet cranberry baskets - something that N.C. Cameron claimed exclusivity for. And the crystal sailbaots. Proof on Chalet's ongoing troubles with their distribution I would say.

Will take a long and closer look at some of the other pieces and will report anything interesting back. Have my eye on one of the wine carafes but am unsure yet if it is a Chalet piece. Riekes Crisa had so many sources. Same with alot of the animal figurines. Alot of the pictures are small and not that great so very hard to make a definitive call.

Am enjoying speculating though!


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