Chalet chartreuse green collour art glass

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Chalet chartreuse green collour art glass

Post  vanvol on Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:04 pm

I feel that I seem to be the only person positing on this site lately and I am begging to feel a bit awkward doing so. I will give my reason for doing so.
Last Thursday I found and bought a 191/2 inch tall art glass basket in a chartreuse green collour. There is one like it on EBay that is exhibited at the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery. I have added a picture of it to my vanvol photobucket album. When I saw it I just knew I had to have it. I have never seen that Chalet collour before. The basket is a different style and shape of my other four Chalet baskets I have. One of the baskets I have is in an olive green collour which is a collour I don't see often. I also have a Chalet lead crystal basket that is only 10 inches tall and is in the somewhat shape as the chartreuse green basket. Two of my other tall curved arm baskets (now three with the chartreuse basket) have the top part of the arms that are very delicate narrow and thin in shape. I think that these baskets have done well to have not been broken for this period of time when they were made.
I was a bit surprised that glassman did not have any tall Chalet baskets pictures to show on this site.
In the early part of last summer I started collecting glass paperweights. I have not been able to find a glass paperweight made by Chalet. I have four glass paperweights in my collection that are signed on the bottom R. Held art glass. These paperweights were made at the Robert Held Glass Studio in Kitsilano. Vancouver, British Columbia. He also has his own glass gallery there. Robert Held is a well known Canadian glass maker. These paperweights have been made by a very talent glass maker and are magnificent pieces of glass work to see. I have a picture of one on my vanvol album. I also have found and bought an old Canadian made glass paperweight that was made in the late 1890s.
I like collecting Canadian made glass. I have found one of Chalet mushroom pieces but the asking price has held me off buying it for now.
last Sunday I bought a signed Chantili Canada vase. It is a honey collour and 10 inches tall. I have a picture of it on my photobucket album. I have talked to some Chalet glass collectors that were not aware of the connection of Chantili and Chalet. I am not sure if this has been explained on this site.
I have added more pictures of some of my Chalet art glass collection to my album. I have added a picture of a signed Chalet Canada orange collour piece next to the Chantili honey collour vase. This piece is one of the first pieces of Chalet heavy stretch art glass I bought when I started my collection of this type of Chalet glass.


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love the lime and chartreuse

Post  deborah on Tue Nov 23, 2010 2:58 pm

Hi Richard,

Yes - postings and answers come in waves but don't feel awkward. I feel a bit "verbose" too but figure it would be rude not to respond given this is my site! I love the lime green or chartreuse - so much so I changed my laundry/shipping/storage room's colour scheme so I could start collecting that colour. have 2 pieces in it and mix it with the orange as found an amazing orange and lime retro pattern tile that I used in that room. Will get more but am picky about the shapes for in there so they don't get damaged given it is a working room.

Chantili was a Montreal distributor for Chalet - they took the large pieces but also received alot of the small moulded novelty swans and ornaments as were used as table gifts at weddings - picture them filled with those netted bags of sugared almonds or mints. The large pieces could be signed (often backwards so can read from above) or stickered with 2 different sizes of gold foil labels. I have only found the moulded pieces with a Chantili sticker so far. I have a small Chantili stickered owl as well. I also have 2 mismarked pieces - one is an ashtray showing the Chantili etching with the sandblasted Chalet Canada over it and another is a bridal basket with Chantili on the bottom but a Chalet lead crystal label on the body of the piece.

I have a signed Chalet paperweight and signed Chalet mushroom in "Shop" pages of the site - the paperweight just sold actually and need to move it but I also have one in my personal collection. Both are very rare - Maestro Panizzon challenged me re the paperweight and almost fell over when he saw the signature as he had never seen one and he worked at Chalet from 1963-1975! It was funny - we both had a good chuckle!

If you look through the site you will see a section on the marks, labels etc and I have gone into much more detail in the reference guide and will be updating the site this week with info that came out via the exhibit.

Don't stop posting! Glassman can tell you how he feels about baskets!LOL


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Post  Glassman on Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:59 pm

Well first off lets clear up by what i call a basket.Those ones with the handles,usualy pick or amber with the little clear feet.Those are the baskets i mean.I don't like those at all to dainty or girly.I have lots of tall ones,like your talking about.Although they are not my favorite either.I like the wild bowls ashtrays and vases.You should check out my pictures on flickr.Just do a search for Glassman74.Or there is a link on a previous posting of mine.It's less that half my collection,more of them are Loraine,which i like better.I like the bigger chunky ones,i also find loraine has wilder shapes than Chalet.I'm gonna check out your pics too.


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Post  Glassman on Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:02 pm

Also under no circumstances do i collect anything with a head and feet.No animals especially not those god awfull pheonix birds lol.


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Post  Glassman on Wed Nov 24, 2010 4:05 pm

I think you must mean Kitsalano in Vancouver B.C.I still can't figure out how to see your pictures.


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Vanvol collection

Post  Dar on Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:24 pm

Again nice collection Vanvol, I have 4 baskets in that very same shape all dif colors love the sleek baskets, I quess I am the basket fan here they just catch my eye lol. Hope you do not mind but I added your direct link to your collection to make it easier for people to acess. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Keep collecting. Dar

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Re: Chalet chartreuse green collour art glass

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