site changes, additions and upgrades!

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site changes, additions and upgrades!

Post  deborah on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:47 pm

Hi everyone,

Please take time to check out the site again! Most importantly - my web guy, Andrew, added an "Exhibit" page and there are 2 slideshows of the reception - so many pictures he had to double it up!

There is alot of new content in the History, Artistry and Marks and Labels sections and there are new pictures (and corrected content) in the Glossary pages.

New showcase pieces as well as new pieces listed in all other catergories.

You can now order the exhibit program and the reference guide from the "Shop" pages - see "Related Items".

There is a new colour category "Cranberry and Clear". Please note that this is not the Canadiana Cranberry line - it is the heavy lead crystal line.

There will be a "Press" page added soon as we are starting to be asked to write some articles. This will also show the link to the article regarding the exhibit in the standard-freeholder in case you had trouble getting there.

He did a terrific job (I think) and I'd love to hear your comments!Check it out and let me know what you think. I have a maybe "Not so Good" feeling about the picture of the 16" crystal Riekes Christmas tree. It is not a studio shot - it is a location shot from the gallery. I wondered if maybe putting some of the gallery shots in the "Shop" pages would be cool- kinda like being there?


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