Heritage Cranberry Collection tag

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Heritage Cranberry Collection tag

Post  vanvol on Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:10 pm

I have put a picture of this tag on my vanvol photobucket album for you to see it.
I also have added a picture of an orange colour art glass piece that is not signed and I found it last Sunday. It is much different from my signed Chalet pieces that are of the same style and shape that I have.
There may be someone that may be able to identify who may have made it.
My next challenge is to try and find a Chalet ribbed line of glass as your daughter has.
You have done a tremendous job organizing this site.



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hang tag, orange piece and "Opal with Gold Flecking" pieces

Post  deborah on Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:52 pm

Hi Richard,

Thank so so much for posting that picture - very interesting to see that Rossi kept one of Chalet's distributors. Makes sense though - why reinvent the wheel and just adds to the myth that he continued Chalet. I wonder if he did the same with Riekes? Does anyone know if he exported to the U.S.? I have to update the "History of Chalet" pages on the website and will include that - excellent that you brought that to light.

Re your orange piece - I call that centerpiece a "spike and curls" - not an "official" Chalet name just me. Both Chalet and Lorraine did this style, used pedestal bases and this colour combo so have to see these pieces in person to start to be able to help id. Except there is one hint I can pass on to you - are the sides wide or fine? Is the glass somooth and polished or does it have a rippled, wavy pebbly look? If it does and the cut is wide - Lorraine.Also Lorraine advertised their pieces as "Fine Glassware" not as crystal so I think most of their pieces would fall between the 18-24% range - leaded glass but not leaded crystal. That does have a bearing in the finishing as did the tools they used. Those ripple marks are a dead giveaway - Chalet used tools made from pear wood to achive their beautiful smooth finish.

The blue piece you have posted - is it marked CH? I saw a piece exactly like that this summer but not marked - I was 99.9% sure CH but was too expensive to take a header as I had never seen a blue in the swirl and ribbed.

Re the vase my daughter felll in love with - it is marked with a foil label "Opal with Gold Flecking" and is a Riekes distrbuted Chalet line. I have only seen 4 pieces marked with that label and one isn't anything like the other 3 white ribbed. Have posted the pic here. Unfortunately, my cat broke one of the 3 - a beautiful cornucopia vase. The other is a basket like your cranberry one - has the face prunts even! Since it does have the face prunts I can even tell you who made it and your basket - Sergio Pagnin as that was his mark. The basket is down in Cornwall as very rare and I looked to see if I had a gallery shot of it as I didn't get it photographed before I took it there. It is part of the site inventory
and I will list it after but may take me some as need professional pics. I found that piece in Cornwall and the others on e-bay. I asked the glass blowers if they made very much of it and they said "No" and it was strictly an export product distributed by Riekes. I guess the piece I found in Cornwall "fell off the back of the truck"LOL.

Will check and see if it got included in any of the shots from the Cornwall photographer too so may have something to send you to see - it broke my heart when the other got broken! My cats have only ever broken 2 pieces of glass and of course - both very rare!

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Adding a P.S. here - this pic not clear enough. Click on it and gets just a bit bigger. Will send you proper one through private message function on forum

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