Cranberry glass that may have been made in Cornwall???

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Cranberry glass that may have been made in Cornwall???

Post  vanvol on Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:22 pm


I have four pieces of cranberry glass that have a folded tag attached to them.
On the front of the tag there is Heritage Cranberry Collection and on the back of the tag there is at the top of the tag Rossi Artistic Glass then Exclusive Canadian Distributor and on the bottom N. C. Cameron & Sons, Ltd. Toronto Canada.
The only reason for me to buy these four pieces of cranberry glass is that I had believed that these pieces had been made in Cornwall.
Can anyone honestly tell me if these pieces may have been made by Angelo Rossi in Cornwall?
I just am not too sure on what I read about Angelo Rossi anymore.


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re Rossi cranberry

Post  deborah on Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:29 pm

Hi again vanvol,

It sounds very definitely that your pieces are Rossi cranberry which has no connection to Chalet other than Rossi. They were made in Cornwall but not by Chalet and after the company's 1975 closure. Following the bankruptcy, Rossi and Mauric Jaslow bought the Chalet equipment but not the name or the building. Chalet was not continued by Rossi. Rossi was a talented glass blower that worked at Chalet from 1972-1975 and had also worked at Lorraine Glass Industries. He achieved Maestro status while at Chalet. The business that he and Jaslow started in Cornwall was called Artistic Lighting. Rossi had a work related accident and was forced to sell his share to Jaslow and returned to Italy. However in 1981 he was able to return to glass blowing and to Cornwall and started up Rossi Artistic Glass. His pieces may be marked with an R on the pontil, stickered (several varities of label) or given hang tags. He also often engraved "Angelo" on the base after they were purchased. After that business failed, he left the area permanently for Niagara Falls where over the years he has had 2 seperate companies.

N. C. Cameron was the Toronto distributor that took Chalet Canada wide in 1966. The pieces that they handled for Chalet were mostly marked with labels - only the "End of Day" pieces (like yours) were given a hang tag and if you look at the End of Day piece in your collection, you will find that N. C. Cameron was the distributor - on the bottom of the back of the hang tag. Can you post a pic of the Rossi hang tag on site? Use the "Host an Image" button above.

I don't want to sound pushy but have you read the pages about Chalet's history and the "Similar yet Different" section on the site? You may find them helpful. Also the site reference guide "Chalet Marks, Labels and Product Lines" covers all this in much more detail as well as showing and explainning over 25 different marks, labels and product lines as well as covering other Canadian glass houses of the Chalet's era. You will see all the lines that you collect represented and explainned in this guide.

It would be great to see that hang tag - I have only seen 3 different type of old Rossi labels as well as his pontil marks. I have a piece I bought by mistake as well that is engraved Angelo - I thought that since Angelo Tedesco was a master glass cutter and engraver, he might have done it but found out that is a signature Rossi identifier later.

Hope I have clarified things. The names are all so similar!


Adding a point - the companies in Niagara Falls that Rossi owned - firstly Rossi Glass but lost to partners and now has Rossi Glass Blowing.

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