signed 23.5 inch, 16 lb 1 ounce vase

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signed 23.5 inch, 16 lb 1 ounce vase

Post  deborah on Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:26 pm

Hey guys,

Finished off my summer with a "Chalet bang" yesterday when I picked up this vase. I only know of 3 others like it and this is the largest of those. Maestro Gatto has one (featured in the Shapes & Colours of Chalet Glass art book) and he told me a few were done for the American market. As above - etched Chalet Canada, is just over 16 lbs and almost 2 feet in height. It found a home very quickly with my wine bottles and some of my paperweights - my "Chalet retirement fund" groupingLOL

Off to Montreal tomorrow for more glass - the Chihuly show and of course Chalet hunting.


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