New page added to the "Your collection" section of main site - over 110 pictures from over 40 collections worldwide

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New page added to the "Your collection" section of main site - over 110 pictures from over 40 collections worldwide

Post  deborah on Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:16 pm

Hi everyone,

Well - I am final ready to unveil the new feature - please see above and I have copied here the introduction form the site's Home page:

"The “Your Collection” section of the site has a new page “yes, it’s Chalet” with 3 photo galleries show-casing rare, unusual and one-of-a-kind Chalet pieces from over 40 collections worldwide – there are over 110 pictures to open and more will be added as I receive them. Many are featured in the "Shapes and Colours of Chalet Art Glass" and the 2012 "Chalet Marks, Labels and Product Lines" art and reference books and others have also been posted in site's "Chalet Vintage Collectors Circle" (a discussion forum for Chalet lovers) and in other pages. However, in case you have not seen the books, do not yet belong to the forum or have missed featured pieces on the "Splash, Home, Favorites ..." site pages, these galleries will act as both a “Chalet archive” and inspiration for all when we are out looking for that next perfect piece. Every piece is authenticated Chalet – by artist, mark, sticker or catalogue page verification.

And the perfect pieces to lead with are from the personal collections of Chalet artists Bruno Panizzon, Gianfranco Guarnieri, Guilio Gatto and Antonio Tedesco. It was an honour to meet with them when I mounted the 2010 Chalet retrospective - to be entrusted with their pieces, to hear their stories and to have them answer so many questions. I have been so pleased to be able to share the knowledge through their collaboration in the books, on this Web site and by providing a collectors forum. The glass deserves no less recognition. It has also been a pleasure to "meet" so many Chalet collectors during this process. I have been very fortunate to see many of their collections and to hear their stories - invaluable in learning more about Chalet! My thanks to everyone who helped make this page possible by providing photographs and information so their wonderful pieces could be showcased here for us all to "collect" vicariously – not to mention the dusting is spread around this way."

A lot of these collections are from forum members and I want to say a special "Thanks" to: glassman, langhaugh, thumper, Pierre-D., cbrunett, chaletcollector, mgledrew, cwms. Many of from collectors that do not belong to the forum - including the collector that got me started. The pieces shown are from all acroos Canada and the United States and a new collector in New Zealand. Chalet is certainly well travelled!

If I have missed your pieces or if you have ones that you think should be included that I haven't seen - please get in touch. This is a section that will grow and acts as an important archive for us all.


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