professional shots of some earlier posted pieces

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professional shots of some earlier posted pieces

Post  deborah on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:20 pm

Hi everyone,

These pieces are very unusual so I thought they deserved re-posting with professional pictures.

This amethyst whale is from my Mom's collection - we got it at the Morrisburg flea-market (just outside Cornwall). It is not marked but I have a Riekes catalogue that it is featured in. There are quite a few animals in this line - 7 including the whale. Sorry - can't provide a date as for some stupid reason, the catalogue is not dated. I have had 3 people go through it and none of us can find a dating.

Stickered EDAG mini

New addition to my Chalet paperweight collection - have 6 now. All signed.

Signed Chalet crystal piccoli:

Gorgeous amethyst basket. I have featured it here with a smaller amber in the same style. Both are signed. I have also seen a signed olive green in this style. It was the same size as the amber - both tinier than the purple.

Stunning 2 tone crossed fingers - nicest colour placement I have ever seen.

Lots more but enough for now!


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