My collection of Chalet 24% lead crystal glass

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My collection of Chalet 24% lead crystal glass

Post  vanvol on Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:13 pm

I have collected 19 pieces of chalet Artistic 24% lead crystal glass.
These pieces are very beautiful pieces of glass that had to have been made by a very skilful master glass blower that had worked at Chalet.
18 of these pieces have a twisted ribbed body and 17 pieces have an applied base in clear crystal pedal or lobes footing. The clear glass feet are slightly designed with ribind. There are 3 large twisted ribbed body bowls that are 11 inches across the top of each bowl and are 7 inches tall.The bowls weigh just less than 5 pounds. They have an applied base in clear crystal with several pedals or lobes feet. The bowls are well shaped at the top of them and finished off with an applied clear crimped crystal rim. One bowl is cranberry glass and one is in an amber colour that has a C with a H inside of the C on one of the pedal feet. The other bowl is a clear crystal bowl with a nice blue colour that is near the top of the bowl just below the applied clear crystal crimp rim. There is a similar smaller bowl that is 91/2 inches across the top of the bowl and is 5 inches tall. I have 5 tall vases. There are 4 cranberry tall vases with the applied crystal pedal feet and a crimped clear crystal rim. The fifth vase is the same but in an amber colour and on one of the pedal feet has a C with the H inside of it and on the bottom of that is LXX1. There are two 10 inch tall pitchers with a clear crystal applied handle that are made the same as the other pieces. One is a cranberry glass pitcher and the other is a green colour pitcher. I have a 91/2 inch tall END OF THE DAY pitcher that has the gold Chalet sticker and the M. C. Cameron & Son tag on it. It has a twisted clear crystal handle and the crystal pedal feet with the clear crystal crimped rim. There is a square shape 8 inch tall cranberry twisted body pitcher that has a flat bottom with a clear crystal handle. There is an 8 inch tall cranberry ribbed body jack in the pulpit with the cranberry tapered body changing into clear crystal that shapes into a curl and sits on crystal pedal feet and has the clear crystal crimped rim at the top of it. There is also a 81/2 inch tall horn of plenty that is a bit similar to the jack in the pulpit. It is a beautiful well made pieces of glass to be seen. There is a cranberry basket with a clear crystal ribbed handle and has two crystal clear buttoms at the end of the handle with a woman face in them. There is a M. C. Cameron & Son sticker on it with Chalet written at the top of the sticker. I have owned this piece for 20 years.
At the Elora 2010 year Spring antique show I had the opportunity to show Janet Carlile some of my Chalet 24& lead crystal glass collection that I wanted her to give me an appraisal value of my glass. The first thing she asked me if I knew what glass I have collected. I explain to her to what I knew about my collection and she told me that I had done my home work.. There was a Kitchener News Record news paper repoter there at the antique show to write an article on Janet. In the article my name was mention and about my collection of Cornwall glass that I have collected. I see that Janet Carlile was at the Cornwall Public Library on October 30, 2010.
I will never sell any of this Chalet collection I have and someday I plan to donate this collection to the city of Waterloo Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery.


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like the sound of your collection

Post  deborah on Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:48 pm

Hi vanvol

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Great thing about Chalet - there is a colour, shape, line... for everyone. They certainly were excellent at marketing and product deveopment. This is a picture of a ribbed piece but totally different from the CH line (that ribbed line was also marked with the etched Chalet on the ashtrays - no place to stamp the mark eh) It is a Riekes Chalet "Opal with Gold Flecking" product - my daughter who is 20 fell head over heels and insisted on this vase as an early Christmas present. She had never looked twice at the ribbed before - she has a small collection of the heavy lead crystal pieces in gold and pink. Thought you'd be intrigued by such a different take on the ribbed. Welcome to the forum - nice to hear from a collector that is into that line.


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