4 different Chalet wine bottles

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4 different Chalet wine bottles

Post  deborah on Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:33 pm

Hi again everyone,

As I explainned in my other posting of today, I have been really lucky this week to acquire some very rare pieces - replaced my limited edition EXPO maple leaf with one that is not only signed but has a Chalet inventory sticker, finally acquired a signed set of candleholders and incredibly got 2 signed Chalet wine bottles - one being a crystal version of the "Mexican" style that I have never seen. However, the first picture is of a signed crystal wine bottle from a new forum member that I am posting for her. I have never, ever seen this style either and it looks lovely - very elegant. The next picture is of the crystal wine bottle I got today (see the unusual Chalet lamps - other post) while the third is of the more typical coloured, albeit very rare bottle, in the dark olive/brown (got one like this today too). Can't wait to shoot these together - will be a one-of-a-kind grouping! The last picture is of the bottle Bob has shared before - remember it not only is signed but has an Eaton's inventory label.

When I first started collecting - had no clue that Chalet made even 1 stly of bottle. How many more do you think are out there? Will be very cool to see numbers and pictures same time next year.


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