pics of gallery exhibit reception

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pics of gallery exhibit reception

Post  deborah on Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I will be putting alot of pictures of the reception on the site's photobucket gallery (chaletvintageartglass) but wanted to share these thumbnails with you first.

The top pic is (from left to right in all pics) of Darlene Hart (fellow coordinator, collectors from Ottawa and some of the Chalet artists) Roberto DeMarchi, Giovanni Voltolina, Darlene Hart, Gianfranco Guarnieri, collector, Antonio Tedesco, collector

This pic was incredibly difficult to get - like "herding cats" to get them all together so I could make a short welcome speech:
Irma Tedesco, Daniella Tedesco, Campbell Patterson. Deborah Patterson, Darlene Hart, gallery Executive Director Sylvie Lizotte, Giovanni Voltolina and Ann Stevens (Chalet Vintage door greeter)

the Chalet artists:
Giovanni Voltolina, Antonio Tedesco, Gianfranco Guarnieri, Roberto DeMarchi and Bruno Panizzon

the highlight of my evening:
Gianfranco Guarnieri, Antonio Tedesco, Roberto DeMarchi, Deborah Patterson, Giovanni Voltolina and Bruno Panizzon

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