terrific collection Pierre!

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terrific collection Pierre!

Post  deborah on Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:10 pm

Hi guys,

Made a lightening trip to Toronto and back yesterday - the highlight being getting to see Pierre D's latest acquisitions in person. Cracks me up that he classifies himself as a "new collector" as his pieces are unique and very, very well crafted - definitely no seconds here.

Anyways Pierre - thank you again for letting me see the "forato" (pierced) Chalet Canada signed ashtray (pictured in his post of Aug 1 - check it out) as I've never had the opportunity to see one up close. I thought it was really cool that the butt rests are part of the cutout. Like I said - on my wish list. That was a terrific find.

Also thought that your cranberry and crystal vase was one of the nicest pieces that I have ever seen (check out Pierre's post of Dec 1 for picture and dimensions) and definitely is the biggest vase of that type that I have seen. The one I saw in Toronto earlier was broader but not as tall, not as nicely shaped and the base was super worn. The condition of your vase was like it had never been out of the box. Your post picture does not do it justice!

I am hoping that you will post a picture of your polar bear WITH the dimensions - huge! Please post it with the crystal bird - I am betting that Maestro Panizzon did both. They are gorgeous - I am not an animal collector but these 2 pieces are really special.

Had fun talking Chalet - am planning to go "hunting" on Sunday so hopefully will find a "forato" piece of my own or next trip to see you will be bringing my largest purseLOL.


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Polar Bear and Bird

Post  Pierre-D on Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:29 am

Here are pics of the polar bear and the bird (dove/pigeon). The bear is close to 6 inches high and 8 inches long. The bird is 4.5 inches high and 7.5 inches long (I think I've posted it before, but here it is again).





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