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Post  MarioP on Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:15 pm


On behalf of myself, my father, and my family I would like thank you and Darlene for organizing the exposition and recognizing the art and the artists of Chalet Artistic Glass. They were deeply touched and amazed of the turn out.

To say that the opening was a sucess is an understatement. Most of the artists and workers did not understand how much attention their work is now getting. I am hoping you will post images for all to view.

Again....thank you.

Mario Panizzon


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A pleasure

Post  deborah on Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:54 pm

Hi Mario,

I'm speaking for Darlene as well when I say how enjoyable meeting your father has been and his and your help has been invaluable and so appreciated. We have thoroughly enjoyed doing the exhibit and getting to learn from the glass blowers wasn't something that even crossed our minds when I was first asked to do this. We are still starstruck!

Yesterday afternoon was so enjoyable - I had an amazing time. And I wish I had half the energy today of Irma Tedesco. Meeting Bruna, Angelo's sister, and talking to her about the factory tours-just kept getting better! Most incredible- seeing Bruno Panizzon, Antonio Tedesco, Giovanni Voltalina, Gianfranco Guarnieri and Roberto DeMarchi lined up together for a photo! But the pinacle of my afternoon was when I got to snuggle up with them - that picture is going in my program with their autographs!

My son took hundreds, no exaggeration, of pictures at the reception so I will post asap.

Truly - no thanks necessary as this was our privilege.

Deborah and Darlene

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