More Chalet artisans and glassblowers attending reception

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More Chalet artisans and glassblowers attending reception

Post  deborah on Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:08 pm

Am posting this as a new topic as well as in older posts as the news is so good - Antonio Tedesco (Chalet's moleria artisan) and Gianfranco Guarnierieri (Chalet glass blower)have confirmed their attendance at the reception. As well, Irma Tedesco, who ensured that glass was properly packed for shipping, will come with her husband, Antonio.

Master Gatto will be in Italy and unable to attend the reception but sent along best wishes and will attend when he arrives home. Mr. Guarnieri will also follow up, on my behalf, with Mr. Giovanni Voltolina (another Chalet glass blower) and others that I was unaware of, with regard to attending the reception.

This is fantastic news!


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