EDAG did "minis"

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EDAG did "minis"

Post  deborah on Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:26 am

Hi everyone,

Got a very pleasant surprise yesterday with the arrival of a new piece. It is a piece of stickered EDAG. I had been concentrating on the sticker and not the dimensions so was puzzled when I saw the size of the box and thrilled when the centerpiece was completely unwrapped. A mini - 10 inches in length, 4 high and 4 across and the label is pristine! It is really sweet. My pics here will not do it justice. I will get it professionally reshot. It is displayed with that Canada Art vase and the signed Chalet piece from the 2012 calendar. Then shot alone in my bathroom - best light.

So the new reference guide isn't even to draft print and I have the first editLOL - adding that EDAG did little ones.


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