a "blind" Chalet whale - a true second

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a "blind" Chalet whale - a true second

Post  deborah on Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:02 am

Hi guys,

In the new reference book, there will be a section on Chalet seconds. The Maestro leading the team would decide if a piece was "Not good glass". The seconds were sometimes sold out of the Cornwall factory. This little guy will have a starring role. I found him in Cornwall and for a few "seconds" (sorry, couldn't resist) I couldn't figure out why he looked so different. Then I realized that the artist that had worked him had neglected to give him eye indents. It was perfect timing as I had already decided to add this section to the new book.

Check out the slideshow on the site "Home" page for more pictures. I am also adding to the site's "Artistry" pages. And listing in the "Animals" section.

He is quite a hefty little guy - his twin is the same height and length (5.5 inches both) but weighs only 13 oz while he weighs in at 1 lb 11 oz. Quite the novelty!

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