Cornwall Community Art Gallery Art & Artisans of Chalet Glass

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Cornwall Community Art Gallery Art & Artisans of Chalet Glass

Post  Dar on Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:00 am

Just had to make sure everyone seen this poster I just love it.

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So disappointed!!!

Post  cindy on Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:48 am

I just found this site the other day.When I seen the post about the exhibit I was so disappointed that i missed it.I live 45 mins from Cornwall and missed the best of all simply amazed by the number of pieces on display.Wish I got to see them all.


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so sorry that you missed the exhibit

Post  deborah on Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:36 pm

Hi Cindy,

I was just directed to your post re missing the exhibit - I am so sorry that you didn't hear about it while it was runningt - especially when you live so close! All I can say is to check out the pages on the site re the exhibit - there are alot of pictures there of the opening reception. There are 2 programs as well left for slae - after that they are gone as was a limited run.

I can also welcome you to the forum - I am glad that you found the site. We all seem to be in a bit of hibernation mode but it can get quite lively and there are lots of pictures from other posters - kind of like an ongoing exhibit!

There is alot to look forward to as well so don't feel that you have missed something that never will be repeated - might not just be so close next time as have to give other areas a shot tooLOL The artists are extremely approachable and thrilled to learn that Chalet is so collectable - in fact we are doing a photo shoot with 3 of them next week and they will be participating in my next guide so we will all get to hear their voices as they have agreed to write something (not sure yet - up to them!) about Chalet, coming to Canada, glass blowing.... And because of the exhibit - renewed interest in Chalet can only give us all more to look forward to. I hope to put on a "Collector's Convention" in the near future.

So - welcome and look forward to you posting pics, questions, comments..... Thanks!


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Re: Cornwall Community Art Gallery Art & Artisans of Chalet Glass

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