Over 80 members - Welcome, welcome, welcome to the "newbies"!

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Over 80 members - Welcome, welcome, welcome to the "newbies"!

Post  deborah on Fri May 18, 2012 2:13 am

Hi everyone,

Just checked the forum roster and found that we now have 82 registered members - that does not count the number of "visitors" to the forum. Unless you are registered, you do not see the pictures posted or are able to access the links to members off site photo albums.

I guess I am surprised at the numbers as I hadn't looked in a while. And I am pleased to report we can now also boast of being an "international" forum as we have had quite a few new members join from the US and the UK. I am really pleased - the site and forum don't "turn" 2 until August so is just another testament to the enduring appeal of Chalet.

Welcome to all! Looking forward to seeing all the new collections.


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