coloured Chalet Christmas trees

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coloured Chalet Christmas trees

Post  deborah on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:54 am

Hi everyone,

The typical Chalet christmas tree was pure crystal with a round ball base and came in 8", 10" and 12" sizes. The group shot below shows some atypical trees - they are typical in size but the crystal tree has a more unusual base and the coloured ones are not typical at all. These are the only coloured trees I have ever seen (from my personal collection) and the "slag" one is truly unique. I have a Chalet marked paperweight which is somewhat like it but if you look you will see that there is yellow in the mix - not a Chalet colour. All these trees have the Riekes Crisa labels. However, again the "slag" tree marches to its own tune as it has a Riekes "Opal with Gold Flecking" sticker. Really strange marking - maybe one of those crazy days at the Chalet factory where everyone and anyone was told to do markings.

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I will post the paperweight and tree picture when I get it back and I will also post then my paperweight group pictures. These are not animal figurines which some people refer to as paperweights but the typically shaped oval/egg design. Very rare for Chalet - Maestro Panizzon was so shocked when he saw one at the 2010 exhibit as he had never seen one before and he worked at Chalet from 1963 until close!


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