Heritage Glass by Chalet and Heritage Cranberry by Rossi

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Heritage Glass by Chalet and Heritage Cranberry by Rossi

Post  deborah on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:18 pm

Hi everyone,

Just got a Chalet stickered piece with a Chalet hang tag that I had never seen before - the "Heritage Glass by Chalet" line. It is a ribbed amber vase so was a mould. This line should NOT be confused with the cranberry pieces marketed as "Heritage Cranberry"that Maestro Rossi later produced. Remember Chalet cranberry line was called "Canadiana Cranberry". Again, Mr. Rossi borrows from his past at Chalet with his naming AND both lines were carried by N.C. Cameron & Sons to further add to the illusion that Chalet continued under Rossi.

Will be shooting both piece and hang tag for the revised reference guide - should be out around the first of April. This marking and the wildlife line hang tag as well as all the information uncovered about "Similar but Different" glass houses will be just some of the new info added to the "Chalet Marks, Labels and Product Lines - 2nd Edition".

Gorgeous little piece and it retains a boutique sticker/price tag from Frank's Pharmacy as well - sold for $7.95 back then!


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