welcome again to all new members

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welcome again to all new members

Post  deborah on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:15 pm

Hi everyone,

In the last few months (I think maybe because of the advertising done for the book and calendar), the site and forum have had an incredible number of visits. As a result over 35 new members have joined the forum - we now have 63 registered members which is incredible. Some are posting but the majority do not although new members visit the forum daily to read posts which is great. A very experienced person, belonging to several glass forums, urged me to reach out again to new members as his opinion is that you can never be welcomed enough as a new member in case you have had a bad experience on another Board or feel that your questions may have already been asked and/or answered.

Not the case here! But those who just like to read - please continue as this is also wonderful too. I just like to see everyone else's collections. Don't get into trouble that wayLOL And also - please feel free to use the "Contact" button on the site re any questions that you prefer to approach me with directly. Don't forget you may also post pictures right here on the site or use links to collection pages.

Thanks again to everyone re their support of this site and forum. It is so wonderful that the appeal of Chalet glass is so enduring and that there are so many new collectors swelling the ranks of the old. Hardly surprising though and we've known it all along!


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