Site updates, revisions, corrections and additions completed

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Site updates, revisions, corrections and additions completed

Post  deborah on Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:09 am

Hi everyone,

The site updates are now finished - sorry for any inconvenience. If you notice any incorrect info remaining, typos, misses etc - please let me know as my web guy took me through alot of it and then handed it over so I would be able to keep on top of the maintenance, not the designLOL (that he pretended was frozen in stone) and I think I got everything and caught my screwups (like deleting a master page and saving wrong versionsLOL) but probably still some misses out there. Now that I know how to maneuver the mechanics I can keep it fresh on an ongoing basis.

The shop pages were totally reorganized in terms of categories - titles and stickers were added to each piece highlighting what was important at a glance. Details are still there when you click on the piece. Prices adjusted, alot of COMBO deals added re book, reference guide, calendar, Chalet catalogue pages.......... If a piece isn't signed (very, very few of those) a catalogue number was provided - I think there are only 2 or 3 where unmarked and uncatalogued. There are now over 150 pieces in the "shop" pages. The "research" for the exhibit and book and guide got just a litttttttttttttttttttle obsessive!LOL So lots of new pieces to check out - the majority in fact are new.

As per our talks re listing any uranium, you will see that both a UV and then a normal light shot has been provided in the space where usually a second listing would be. Still nothing I can do about that - limitation of the site. And only pieces that go mega green have been listed. Many, many of the others contain uranium but unless they "firework" I did not list as a uranium piece. Right now there is only one piece listed there - just sold two and do not have UV light pictures of a couple of others so haven't listed yet. Am heading toward another photo shoot dayLOL No more!

All the info pages have been updated and corrected. New slideshows and pics in each section. The "glossary" section got a major overhaul as did "some favorites" and there is a completely new slideshow added to the "showcasing" section. You will see some of my personal collection in those 2 sections - find the EDAG and Lorraine with my Chalet!

Another limitation of the site - the shipping calculator! Anyone who has purchased either a piece but especially the book, guide or calendar knows that I refund excess shipping for those instantly through PayPal as the calculator does not recognize that these are envelopes not a parcel. Also if the parcel charges are too high - refund through PayPal the same way. Again - since not "the big guy" site - only 2 choices were given as to how shipping costs were calculated - I chose the lesser of 2 evils. It hasn't been a problem for anyone yet - just a minor inconvenience. Appreciate the patience and don't be put off by the shipping charges. You can always contact me through the site to ask for an exact shipping cost or for more detail re the piece. Lots of times I have tons more pics and if not can take some - just not like David's, Derek's or Scott's though!

Thanks to everyone for their input and feedback and if you can take a minute and let me know how you feel about the changes - please do. Plus if you think the site needs something else - suggest it! Thats how the slideshow in the "showcasing" section came about.

Can't believe it's been 14 months and we have almost 60 members registered to the forum now. New members are starting to feel comfortable about posting and glad to see it!


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