"The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Art Glass" now available

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"The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Art Glass" now available

Post  deborah on Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:51 am

Hi everyone,

The book was delivered yesterday morning - it is all that I hoped for thanks to a great team of editors, photographers, writers and my layout genius. Not to mention what was gained through the collaboration with Maestri Panizzon and Gatto and artist Gianfranco Guaranieri and contributions from Mario Panizzon. The printers were also incredibly professional and helpful. The book is being carried by the local Chapters and Indigo and an independent bookstore and I approached the Royal Ontario Museum and the National Art Gallery to see if it could be carried in their gift stores - they are "considering" it. I am keeping my fingers crossed as I would love to see Chalet and its artists receive that kind of recognition.

It will be listed on e-bay today (higher price than site due to e-bay listing and seller fees) but not here on the site until next week - my layout/Web guy is away on holidays and I didn't get him to do it before he left as I wasn't sure if there would be a delay with the printer getting some vellum (you will see) for one of the pages in the book. There wasn't so book was delivered on time. Advance orders may be made through [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and they will be shipped immediately. The first two copies were sold last evening - that was a thrill! If you follow the forum, you can probably guess who got the first copyLOL.

I have included here a fact sheet about the book. Thanks again for all the support!



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