countdown to the launch of "The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Glass"]

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countdown to the launch of "The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Glass"]

Post  deborah on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:09 pm

"The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Glass" will be available on this web site very shortly - it is at the printer! It is a 113 page, soft cover and perfect-bound book. The book's focus is on the shapes and colours (hence the title) that Chalet Artistic Canada used. There are over 170 professionally shot photos of hundreds of different pieces of Chalet (all signed, stickered or catalogued) PLUS historical pictures from newspaper articles, newspaper archives, the 2010 Chalet retrospective and autographed pictures from the glass artists themselves. Most incredibly -the chapter "The "Men from Murano" is the story of how they came to Canada as told to the author in personal interviews. This chapter also includes recent photographers from a studio session with Maestros Gatto, Panizzon and Guaranieri with glass that they blew and now have in their personal collections. And finally, we all get to see some authentic Chalet catalogue pages - I was given 3 full colour pages from Maestro Gatto that he said I may share with collectors here.


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