"The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Glass" book very close to being available

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"The Shapes & Colours of Chalet Glass" book very close to being available

Post  deborah on Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:40 am

Hi everyone,

It is very late but I have just finished the first edits of the new book - my layout guy has a few changes to do and then will get back to me this week so will be off to the printer. I will then get a galley proof for final go over by my editor, back to the presses and then onto the best seller listLOL.

Right now it is about 110 pages and 200 pictures - is visually stunning as you can imagine. Very fortunate to have had such amazing photographers and layout genius. Not to mention the input from the Maestros. Very pleased, proud and excited! Some surprises included that won't disappoint as well.

Looking forward to having it done and out - in the home stretch. Then website overhaul, another surprise and the second edition of the "Chalet Marks, Labels and Product Lines" reference guide will be available in the fall. It will include a new hang tag, some original advertising as well as alot of updated info re the other glass houses and boutique labels as the last year has certainly taught us alot and so much brought to light vis a vis the exhibit.

Thanks for all the input - I appreciate the suggestions and support.


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