Prices on Ebay

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Prices on Ebay

Post  crazy4glass on Sat Jun 11, 2011 3:27 am

I'm a new collector of Chalet,i was woundering what other people think of Ebay prices?To me it seems they are way too high.I mean 200 bucks for an ashtray? 300 Dollars for a small animal figure? Outrageous,as far as i'm concerned.I don't mind paying good money for a rare piece,but come on.......and the stuff dosn't sell either. Some pieces have been on for a year or two.Anyone have some thoughts?


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some thoughts on internet listings

Post  deborah on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:06 am

Hi there,

Welcome! Pleased to have you join the forum.

With regard to prices - as Glassman is always saying, value is in the eye of the collector and prices are what people will pay for them. I have bought and sold ashtrays all over the map - depending on the marking and style. Animals to me seem very personal in terms of what they sell for - have seen the same fish list low and then very high. But that piece isn't rare as neither are the chicks, some bears but some figurines are very scarce.

What I am always more surprised about is when a seller, anywhere, lists a piece as "rare" in terms of scarcity, colour style or marking when it is not. Lots of times there is even a contradictory listing on e-bay. It isn't hard to do some basic research - olive green is not rareLOL

Also drives me crazy when something is listed as "definitely Chalet" when there is a contradictory listing - again with the researchLOL

Fun to see the trends on e-bay though!


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My 2 cents

Post  Glassman on Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:29 pm

I think it's just 2 or three sellers that have really high prices,i agree with you on several listings.Those are the ones that just don't ever sell.I prefer the auctions over the buy it now.I usually only buy from the same 4 dealers on ebay.I won't name names but i find there prices fare,and usually they are exceptional pieces.I do find that the cost of shipping sometimes makes it too expensive.I can turn a 30 dollar ashtray into 60 dollars wich is not worth it.


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Re: Prices on Ebay

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